Social Cohesion

A non-inclusive society is one of the biggest threats to social and political stability in countries nowadays. At the same time many recent developments lower the level of social cohesion and divide the various communities. Social cohesion research in Asia and Europe is currently more fixed on a national perspective. The EU-Asia Dialogue will draw lessons from neighboring countries and establish a new focus. Factors threatening social cohesion and fostering societal division in the EU and Asia will be analyzed and policies to promote shortcomings as well management options towards social cleavages will be highlighted. There is a clear need to formulate policy recommendations on the basis of the identified best practices in the two regions in order to overcome the existing gaps.

This activity cluster starts with a workshop to define a common framework for main parts of the following research period. The workshop with open discussions will involve policymakers as well as researchers. This will ensure high relevance of emerging policy recommendations as both parties will be working together on this issue from the very beginning.

In the following 8-month research period papers will be elaborated for both continents and uploaded onto this website.

Once the papers have been constituted, a consolidating report including policy recommendations will be prepared that draws on the best practices of those programs and policies identified in the different countries. Thus, it will provide useable recommendations to the policymakers in Europe and in Asia.

At the end of the research period the papers and the report will be published in form of a paper publication for a wider dissemination in the course of the third project year. In parallel decentralized briefings are also foreseen in this cluster until the end of action, again implemented by the partners and their affiliated institutions to constitute local discussion and exchange between researchers and policymakers.

Once the paper publication has been published, a conference with researchers and policymakers from Europe and Asia will be organized to present the results of the studies and discuss them between policymakers and researchers, thus deepening the mutual understandings of the benefits of the cooperation.