Migration / Integration

In recent year the movement of people across borders has intensified massively in Europe and Asia which posses a big challenge to the receiving societies. While migration processes involve more than one country, most research follows a primarily national focus. This gap will be closed through comparative regional studies which draw on existing material to determine best practices in the EU and Asia on governing the inflow of migrants. They will also highlight how governments as well as civil society and the receiving population can play a role in promoting a sense of community.

The activities in the cluster of migration and integration are looked at together because they are linked very close to each other. This cluster will start with a 6-month research period to write several comparative country studies which will be available on this website. They will be based on existing material, as much research has already been done in this area, albeit not in a format useable for policymakers. Through a constant exchange between policymakers and researchers, policy recommendations based on the best practices identified for the policymakers will be developed.

Within the next three years one policy dialogue and six policy conferences will be held in Europe and Asia. This will give an opportunity to the participating researchers to interact with policymakers when disseminating the result of their research. Policymakers will be exposed to the added value that research can present to their policy formulation.

At the end of the activity cluster the comparative studies will be published in form of a book for wide dissemination of the action’s outputs. This book publication will also include policy recommendations which were developed in the conferences.