Maritime Piracy and Security

Maritime piracy being a highly sophisticated crime with characteristics of a legitimate company, the profits of which also underwrite other illegal activities such as human trafficking, there is very little linkage and cooperation between the EU and Asia on this issue. Drawing on existing research, comprehensive reports in a policy-friendly format are essential to provide policy recommendations for establishing this link, presenting an opportunity to bring the EU into the ASEAN Regional Forum. Existing legal constraints to the prosecution of pirates and lessons learnt from the situation in the Strait of Malacca will also be examined. Additionally, aspects of maritime insecurity such as illegal fishing and coastal guards will be dealt with.

The cluster on maritime piracy and security started with an initial discussion in Kuala Lumpur. This initial discussion included several forums and discussion which took place in the context of the 26th Asia Pacific Roundtable and the 2nd NATO-Asia Dialogue organized by KAS Singapore. Comprehensive reports will be produced in an 8-month research period starting after the initial discussions and will be uploaded onto this website.

Following the end of the research period, four policy conferences will be organized in Asia and Europe. The conferences are another means to encourage interaction between researchers and policymakers and provide an appropriate space for this developing partnership.

Subsequently, during the course of the second project year, the research papers together with policy recommendations will be published in form of a publication. Shortly afterwards, decentralized briefings will be initiated.