Human Trafficking

Despite high discourse interest in the problems around human trafficking, there is little systematic research on regional cooperation on this issue. To fill this void, studies are needed to identify and quantify key environmental enablers and deterrents to gain a new regionally overarching and policy-relevant understanding of the rules and norms behind this increasing problem.

This activity cluster will kick off with an initial closed door dialogue between researchers and policymakers. The reason for organizing this dialogue in a small and private frame is the sensitive nature of the issues. This will create an atmosphere of confidence so that the policymakers can openly discuss their needs, concerns and issues with involved researchers.

After the dialogue an 8-month research period will start. The outcome will be several papers which will be made available on this website.

Following the end of this research period the papers together with policy recommendations will be published in the form of a publication. Adding to this again the line of decentralized briefings will be held parallel. At the same time two policy dialogues will take place in Europe and Asia. At this occasion, the conducted research will be presented, providing a forum for discussion on the formulated policy recommendations. At the end of this process, a report will be produced, making concrete recommendations for future policy dialogues between the two target groups, providing also approaches to institutionalize such an exchange.