Sustainable urban development has become a key factor in making cities more livable. However, traditional eco-cities research neglects inter-regional best practices. Examining existing case studies from the two regions and best practices of approaches to city planning will provide practical information and policy recommendations in a useable form to policymakers from both regions, which so far is missing.

The eco-cities cluster starts with a 1 day workshop on May 25, 2012, in Singapore. At this first workshop a framework for the following comparative research period will be set up. During the following 11-month research period, a series of comprehensive reports will be elaborated and uploaded onto this website. The reports together with policy recommendations will be published in a paper publication in the course of the second project year.

In the framework of the World City Summit 2012 in Singapore, a policy panel discussion on sustainable urban development will be organized.

Three additional workshops in Europe an Asia will be organized in the course of the project in order to keep policymakers abreast of new developments in the fast moving domain of eco cities. At these occasions researchers from Europe and Asia will be presenting the latest developments and potential new best practices.

Additionally, feedback from these workshops will be integrated into the previously drafted policy recommendations which will be disseminated through a political forum organized in the framework of the World City Summit 2014 in Singapore.

In parallel to the workshop, six decentralized briefings will be held by the project partner and the other participating research institutions.