Climate Change Diplomacy

Within the topic of climate change, the focus will be on climate change diplomacy and the current strategies of key countries in the negotiations which are primarily driven by singular national interest. The climate change diplomacy research will be extended to elaborate country studies highlighting common, trans-national grounds and practices for the EU and Asia. Cross-regional opportunities to achieve a breakthrough in the next round of climate change talks will be examined and the gap between developed and developing countries on this issue shall be narrowed.

The cluster on the climate change diplomacy started with an international workshop on April 18-19, 2012, in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia. This dialogue was a first chance for exchange of information and knowledge between policymakers and researchers from various countries in Asia and Europe. After this first workshop there will be a research period of eleven month. At the end of this period the results will be made available as working papers on this website. Additionally, the papers together with concrete policy recommendations will be published as a book.

In 2013 and 2014 four policy dialogues will take place in Europe and Asia. These are aimed at bringing the two target groups to the same table, so that policymakers and researchers can profit from one another’s extensive and specialized knowledge. This will shape the policy making process and in addition researchers can deepen their understanding of policy needs and priorities. In the course of these meetings, current developments in climate change negotiations will be discussed and synergies between the two continents found.

Coinciding with these policy dialogues, a series of 5 decentralized briefings will be initiated until the end of the project. During these decentralized briefings the research results and policy recommendations will be presented on a localized level, providing also a space for discussion between local policymakers and researchers.

At the end of the third project year, an activity repot will be prepared, reviewing the process of the policy dialogues and making recommendations for the organization and institutionalization of future policy dialogues.