The Partners

East Asian Institute

The East Asian Institute (EAI) was set up in April 1997 in Singapore as an autonomous research organization under a statue of the National University of Singapore. Its main mission is to promote academic and policy- oriented research on East Asian economies. To promote academic exchanges and to enable its research findings to reach a wider audience, EAI organizes international conferences, workshops, meetings and seminars, and publishes research papers on a regular basis.

This includes the quarterly publication of “East Asian Policy”, a journal that examines and evaluates recent political, economic, societal, legal, cultural and foreign-policy trends and issues in East Asia. EAI is Singapore’s appointed country coordinator in the Network of East Asian Think-Tanks (NEAT), a Track II regional body sanctioned by the ASEAN plus Three Leaders that brings together representatives (academics and policymakers) from 13 countries of ASEAN, China, Japan and South Korea. The purpose of NEAT is to support, promote and develop the ideas of East Asian cooperation and regionalism. Towards this end, NEAT deliberates on areas and topics of common interest to the 13 countries and makes relevant recommendations to Track I to facilitate closer regional cooperation and integration. All members of this network have close contacts to the governments of their respective countries which will provide the access to high ranking policymakers of Asia in the context of the action.