Specific Project Objectives

The specific objective of this EU co-funded project is to strengthen, deepen and share knowledge and understanding of selected common sustainable development challenges across the EU and Asia, therefore increasing the relevance of the policies formulated in the two regions to tackle these issues. The action will provide opportunities for policymakers and researchers in Europe and Asia to come together to share and learn from each other’s developments experiences and challenges, identify best practices and find common policies and solutions that will help shape a common future for Europe and Asia. In particular, the action will strengthen the knowledge and deepen the understanding amongst target groups of the challenges faced by Europe and Asia in ensuring sustainable development. Expertise will be shared and policy learning across the two regions will be encouraged by enhancing cooperation across sectors and disciplines in search of innovative policy recommendations to the challenges faced by Europe and Asia. This supplements rigorous research and debates on policy options in addressing the broad ambit of sustainable development and security challenges arising from globalization.