The “EU-Asia Dialogue” includes a huge variety of different measures to achieve its objectives.

Among others, these activities are:

  • 71 comprehensive reports, case studies, comparative studies, papers and recommendations for policy dialogues
  • 7 workshops for researchers and policymakers
  • 17 political roundtables, policy dialogues, policy panels, political role-out events and political forum
  • 7 papers and book publications
  • 8 international conferences
  • 33 decentralised briefings for policymakers, academics and the wider public
  • 6 Brussels EU-Asia policy briefings
  • Establishment of an online platform

This mixture of activities ensures that researches are able to share their analyses, policymakers get well informed and that all included stakeholders have the chance to exchange their knowledge as well as their perspectives on the particular challenges and thus, benefit from the project. The direct target groups are policymakers and researchers in Europe and Asia.