Maritime Piracy and Security

Discussions in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia, May 28-30, 2012

From May 28 to May 30, 2012, a number of discussions and meetings with experts on maritime piracy and security took place in the context of the 2nd NATO-Asia Dialogue and the 26th Asia-Pacific-Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia. In the aftermath of the NATO-Asia Dialogue a formal forum discussion was initiated with experts from Asia and Europe. This included representatives from the International Maritime Organization, the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, the Indian Council of World Affairs and the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore. Through these discussions it was possible to identify areas for cooperation between the two regions and topics the “EU-Asia Dialogue” can work on. Some of these topics are confidence-building and information sharing, capacity-building for coastal guards, patrols or the securing of international waters and law enforcement with regard to illegal fishing or prosecution of pirates.

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Forum Discussion on maritime piracy duing the 2nd NATO-Asia Dialogue


Panel Discussion on martime security during the 26th Asia-Pacific-Roundtable