Workshop in Singapore, May 25, 2012

On May 25, 2012, the first workshop of the cluster “Eco-Cities” was held in the Carlton Hotel in Singapore. Among the 25 participants from Europe and Asia, representatives of UN-Habitat, the Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore, the Sino-Singapore Eco-City project in Tianjin, the City of Helsingborg and the Environmental Partnership Council of Japan were attending this international workshop. The presentations and discussions brought in experiences from various eco-city projects as well as new concepts of how sustainable urban areas can be developed and governed. Due to these discussions, the experts from both regions were able to identify aspects the “EU-Asia Dialogue” can focus on. These topics involve government incentives, aspects of good urban governance, people`s participation and creation of a policy environment which enables the involvement of non-state actors.

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Photos: Participants attending the workshop