The Activities

Conference on "The Future of Asia-Europe Cooperation" in Brussels / Belgium, February 10, 2015

On 10 February, 2015, the EU-Asia Dialogue held its final conference on “The Future of Asia-Europe Cooperation” in Brussels, Belgium. 47 participants from Belgium, China, European Union, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore and Spain attended the event which not only provided insights into the recommendations for the seven clusters of the project, but also highlighted the crucial role Europe can play in security matters in Asia. With its experience in peaceful conflict resolution and confidence-building the EU can provide useful insights to Asian partners. The speakers from Asia emphasized that EU's engagement is much welcome, but that she has to respect the importance the security forums have for Asian states. The ASEAN Regional Forum and East Asian Summit are ASEAN-driven initiatives and the EU should accept this. Due to the importance of the year 2015, the climate change conference in Paris was also highlighted as a pillar of future Europe-Asia cooperation.